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Troll So Hard - 5" Lumo Banger

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  • $23.95

The 5" Lumo Banger from Troll So Hard Lures has been a dynamite lure since its release.  Designed in conjunction with us at Fishing Wholesalers over a long period of time, it produced results the moment they hit the water.

Featuring a UV Enhanced Cup face head that refracts the light as its passes through it and combined with a full UV and Crystal Skirt and its bound for success.

Supplied unrigged, but can also be supplied rigged with the use of a BKK Diablo Single 3/0 hook and 100lb Leader. (see seperate listing)

Troll So Hard Lures are proven and well worth having one in your spread of lures.

NEWS : Catch a fish with one of these TSH lures and forward a photo with the lure in the mouth and get yourself a chance to win a game lure pack.