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Sunline FC Rock is made using a Triple Resin Process and double spooling process .  This makes this 100% fluorocarbon leader very smooth with excellent abrasion resistance and knot strength.  It is also 100% Clear.

Designed to deliver high sensitivity with a hard outer for improved abrasion resistance around rocks and structure while remaining supple and easy to handle.

Made in Japan.

LB & Spool Size Diamater
2lb x 100m 0.128mm
3lb x 100m 0.148mm
4lb x 100m 0.165mm
5lb x 100m 0.190mm
6lb x 100m 0.205mm
8lb x 100m 0.235mm
10lb x 100m 0.260mm
12lb x 100m 0.285mm
14lb x 100m 0.310mm
16lb x 100m 0.330mm
20lb x 100m 0.370mm
25lb x 70m 0.405mm
30lb x 70m 0.435mm
40lb x 50m 0.520mm
50lb x 50m 0.570mm