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Shakespeare Lazertip Spinning Fishing Rod - New Model

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The comprehensive selection of rods in the Lazertip series from Shakespeare are designed to cover the varying and often demanding fishing environments found in Australia. With new tapers and cosmetics the Lazertip series offers the benefits of our ultraflex solid clear tip rod technology which combines a super strong solid clear tip with a lightweight tubular blank. Fitted with high grade components the 16 rod line up represents impressive performance and excellent value for money.


  • Composite blank
  • Integrated solid tip
  • Stainless steel guides
  • EVA grip

SKPLTSP601L - LENGTH 6'0 2-4KG 1.83m/6'0 1 2-4kg L SPIN
SKPLTSP602M - LENGTH 6'0 4-8KG 1.83m/6'0 2 4-8kg M SPIN
SKPLTSP662LM - LENGTH 6'6 3-6KG 1.95m/6'6 2 3-6kg LM SPIN
SKPLTSP702L - LENGTH 7'0 2-4KG 2.10m/7'0 2 2-4kg L SPIN
SKPLTSP702GP - LENGTH 7'0 6-10KG 2.10m/7'0 2 6-10kg GP SPIN
SKPLTSP802GP - LENGTH 8'0 3-7KG 2.40m/8'0 2 3-7kg GP SPIN
SKPLTSP1002MH - LENGTH 10'0 6-10KG 3.00m/10'0 2 6-10kg MH SPIN
SKPLTSP1202MH - LENGTH 12'0 8-12KG 3.60m/12'0 2 8-12kg MH SPIN
SKPLTSP561BM - LENGTH 5'6 6-10KG 1.65m/5'6 1 6-10kg M SPIN
SKPLTSP561BH - LENGTH 5'6 8-15KG 1.65m/5'6 1 8-15kg H SPIN
SKPLTSP561BXH - LENGTH 5'6 15-24KG 1.65m/5'6 1 15-24kg XH SPIN
SKPLTOH561BM - LENGTH 5'6 6-10KG 1.65m/5'6 1 6-10kg M OH
SKPLTOH561BH - LENGTH 5'6 8-15KG 1.65m/5'6 1 8-15kg H OH