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SFT Takumi 125 mm - 65 gram Casting Lure Col 11

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The SFT Takumi 125  is specifically designed for tuna and other pelagic fish species with long-range casting and getting down to the fish’s strike zone as quickly as possible.This is due to the lures minimal size and substantial weight, making it an ideal lure for fishing tournaments. The inclusion of a dorsal fin lure design results in a lure that tracks straight at high trolling speeds.
All SFT Takumi lures incorporate a single stainless steel internal skeletal design stamped from a solid sheet of metal to ensure strength and reliability, even when hooking trophy fish. Hooks and split-rings are corrosion resistant and equally robust, stainless split-ring and Owner ST hooks, making the Takumi lure series ideal for both freshwater and saltwater angling environments.
Lure Design Features:
  • Solid stainless steel laser cut skeleton for ultimate strength (300lb break strain)
  • High back fin design - enables high speed trolling
  • Owner Cultiva treble hooks 
  • Low gravity counter-weight improves casting distance and lure action
  • Power split-rings and combination rings 
  • Rated to handle over 200lb fish
Lure Specifications:
Max. Casting: 65g up to 80m 
Length: 125mm 
Weight: 65g
Type: Sinking Minnow 
Diving Depth: 1.8m 
Swimming Action: Complex Wobbling (tight wobbling)
Hook: OWNER ST66-2/0#
Connecting Ring: SFT Power Combine Ring 6#100LB
Split Ring: SFT Power Split Ring 7#170LB
Recommended Main Line: PE3#~6#
Recommended Shock Leader: 50LB~100LB