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RMG Poltergeist 50mm R1 PINK FLUORO

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  • $14.50

The Halco RMG Poltergeist lure is the perfect lure for a kayak.

This smaller version of the Poltergeist moves with a tight, shuffling action, whether it is cast or trolled. With a sharp pull of your rod tip, you will be able to crash-dive the lure to 3 metres so that you can get down into snags much quicker.

Its 'Halco bullet-proof' clear bib helps to protect the trebles from snagging as it bumps its way through. 

It can be trolled between 0.5 and 3 knots. 

Perfect for Redfin, Callop and Murray Cod

(note, hooks may need to be upgraded for murray cod)