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Richter Lures Live Bait Slider 1.2mm

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The Richter Lures livebait slider is a must for the surf and rock fisherman using dead and live baits.

Attach the ring and swivel to the end of you line with an appropriately sized sinker. With no bait attached or anything else to hamper your cast, SEND it off to your favourite distant hole or spot from the beach.... even if it is a long long way off.

Then it is simple. Using the slider with a suitable length of leader and terminal hooks attach your bait or live bait. Clip the slider onto the line with the swivel end pointing toward the sinker and send it off into the surf. (acts like a non-return)

With the line kept tight, the wave action and the live bait swimming will ensure it eventually ends up at your sinker.  In the process it covers ground and is incredibly attractive.

Use the smallest size when you are chasing Tailor Salmon etc and other smaller pelagics. The largest size will give you the best chance at stopping very large sharks, Mulloway etc.