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Penn 320 GT Overhead Rod & Reel Fishing Combo 1287266

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The Penn 320 GT overhead combo is perfect for fisherman that are wanting a heavy boat setup and wanting to explore the overhead style of fishing.

Overhead fishing rods are great if you are going to be dropping baits or lures to the bottom when fishing offshore on your boat. The easy free spool action means you can drop baits and lures faster to the bottom than you can with a spin reel. It also means you can allow the fish to take the bait before setting the hooks. Overhead rods are also ideal for trolling, Overhead reels also have a greater line capacity, which is important when fishing in deep water or targeting species such as marlin, tuna and other pelagic fish that can pull hundreds of metres of line from the reel.

The Penn Levelwind Overhead Combo is a great example of an overhead fishing rod for the budget minded fisho that still wants quality and value for money. It features 2 ball bearings which will make the reel smooth to use, even when the drag settings are super-tight. The reel size is large enough to fir heavy breaking strain braid or monofilament lines. The fishing rod is strong, so you can muscle away large fish from structure and nasties that you encounter in deep water fishing.

If you are looking for a high quality and reliable overhead fishing rod for your boat, look no further than the Penn Levelwind Overhead Combo.