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Nomad Riptide 4" 105mm 35g Fast Sink Stickbait Fishing Lure - Halo Ghost Shad

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  • $29.95

Designed to replicate slender bodied baitfish profiles found on species like pilchards, mullet and sardines, the riptide body shape is highly effective on all predatory bluewater species.

Extensive testing of the internal weight placement combined with a body shape that can only be made from HD ABS plastic makes the swimming action on the Riptide lures simply unbeatable.

The weights in the tail also make casting easy.

Whatever you throw at a Nomad Riptide, it will come back asking for more, and is up to the toughest challenge.

All Riptide lures are finished with a super tough triple layer clear coat finish, applied by hand during production.

Length 105mm
Weight 35 gram
Rigging : 2 x 3/0 BKK Single Lure Hooks