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Nomad Design Swimtrex 80 Vibe Lure Natural Shad

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The SWIMTREX  is the first lipless vibration crankbait to swim like a real baitfish when sinking. This is not your grandfather’s lipless crankbait. The Patented Autotune System which revolutionised trophy saltwater fishing is brand new to freshwater fishing. Autotune ensures the lure never rolls and always tracks straight and allows the unique swimming action when sinking. The Swimtrex emits the classic lipless vibration when straight retrieved. But that is just the start. The Swimtrex is designed to swim enticingly downward when the retrieve is stopped, and it draws savage strikes from every predator. If that is not enough, when the retrieve is resumed the ‘vibe’ up will convince any fish who watched it fall. The combined straight retrieve swimming action, the movement as it hunts on the fall and the vibration when lifted makes this a deadly and unique lure unlike no other lipless crankbait made.

The Swimtrex can be fished faster over shallow areas, but it really shines when fished over deeper ledges and allowed to “flutter and swim” when sinking. Kind of like a spoon fished over a deep ledge, just better!!

The Swimtrex 80 is the big dog of the bunch. Ultimately castable with a larger profile and vibration this lure will call the biggest baddest predators on your favorite waters.

Outfitted with super sharp BKK Spear hooks, HD ABS System and Triple Shield Protection, this hard-working lure belongs in every lipless crank box. Every Nomad Design lure has been crafted by decades of experience on the water to be tougher, last longer and to catch more fish.