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Duo International Realis Crank G87 20A Hardbody Lure - Gizzard Shad

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Duo Realis Crank G87 20A, a true super crank and a true pinnacle of lure engineering.

The need for a crankbait that could truly dive beyond the 20-foot mark and accurately reach its target has been deeply desired by professional anglers. To make a lure dive deep is not a huge challenge.

But to make a lure dive and remain balanced, travel (like an arrow) through the air minimally influenced by cross winds and stay within strike zone longer with minimal reeling tension requires precise engineering.

These are the real deal when it comes to true Murray Cod Lures.


87mm (3-1/3")


35.5g (1-1/4oz)


Floating (Magnet Assisted Weight)