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Duel Hardcore Moe-B 50S Shrimp, 5cm Colour MEB

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The Duel Hardcore Moe-B 50S Shrimp is a realistic looking, hard bodied, slow sinking jerkbait The design of this lure makes the Shrimp appear natural. Other lifelike details that make this lure irresistible to fish are the fine feather legs and the rrear swimming nature of the lure.

The Moe-B Shrimp has a super tight wiggling action and can be fished with a fast or slow darting motion. Cast, retrieve, twitch, and pause after each twitch; the shrimp slowly sinks, inducing strikes on the fall.

Two colours to choose from both 50mm long and both weighing 4.5 grams. Perfect for estuary species such as Bream, Flathead, Tailor, Salmon, Mangrove Jack and plenty more species.