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Daiwa Steez RPM Crank Mid 10 Lure - BROWN CRAW

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The ultimate Australian crankbait, the Daiwa Steez RPM crank is just the right size and depth to target Australian native species such as Murray Cpd, Callop & Redfin.

Designed to deliver a high pitch movement with wide wobbling action.

The Steez RPM Crank dives to 10ft which is perfect for tracing the mid-depth range where Aussie natives hold tight to cover. The rounded lip excels in deflecting off cover triggering reaction bites as the lure changes direction. 

Available in a great range of attractive high quality colours. 

Model: RPM Crank Mid 10
Type: Floating
Length: 56mm
Weight: 13 grams
Depth: 10 Feet