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Daiwa RPM Crank Mid 10 Hardbody Lure - Red Craw

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The famous Daiwa “Woofer” sound is back with the bigger bark and bite with the release of the new Daiwa RPM Crank Mid10.

The RPM has had the full Type R treatment to make it more dynamic and performance driven than ever before. Featuring a lower centre of gravity, super tuned body, deep impact woofer rattle and improved balance, the RPM casts with perfect balance for maximum casting performance, and swims with Pro Tuned precision for optimum lure vibration on the crank.

This deep diver, crash dives down to 3 metres quickly and bumps over snags with ease. Perfectly suited on a range of Australian freshwater native species including golden perch, murray cod, bass and sooty grunter, the RPM will be equally lethal on estuary species such as barramundi, XOS flathead and mangrove jacks.

Tuned to perfection and featuring Daiwa’s innovative SaqSas hook technology for ultra quick hook-ups the RPM Crank Mid10 is the lure choice for deep down snag bashing.

Model: RPM Crank Mid 10
Type: Floating
Length: 56mm
Weight: 16 grams
Depth: 3 metres