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DAIWA Kohga Bayrubber Jig 80g - Sakura Glow

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The Daiwa KOHGA or ‘Red Fang’ is the culmination of 50 years of Japanese lure development.  Daiwa KOHGA’s advanced hydrodynamic design through extensive field testing, results in the most technically advanced Tairubber to hit the Australian market.

Through thorough research, Daiwa lure engineers discovered Snapper especially have difficulty tracking a stationary object, and rely heavily on movement to identify depth perception. By separating the head, skirt and hook, all components can move freely and independently, allowing them to move freely without restriction.

Daiwa KOHGA’s head design is unique and unmatched, the polished ceramic tube through the head exhibits an incredibly smooth surface which won’t damage even the finest of fluorocarbon leaders.

The keel design on the bottom of the head increases stability, while the reversible head design allows the angler to cater to varying fishing scenarios. The sliding skirt has also been beefed up for Australian conditions, with each component being bound and glued in place ensuring maximum durability.

The KOHGA assist features upgraded heavy duty hooks with SaqSas coating to aid in penetration power, while the unique fluorocarbon core Kevlar assist maintains the correct posture during the retrieve. KOHGA represents a truly unique Tairubber, the first sliding design on the market to be specifically made and adapted for Australian heavy-duty conditions.