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Daiwa DR Minnow 5F Jointed Hardbody Lure - Colour Olive Yamame

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Jointed minnows may be a thing of the past but they can produce where others can’t especially in still waterways where lures often need to be worked very slowly to attract fish. So, every now and then, they have a resurgence and often good things come in along very small packages, introducing the Dr Minnow Joint 5F. Precision designed and highly refined the jointed model combines trout colour schemes, an erratic wounded baitfish action with superb castability to deliver anglers a new jointed minnow.

While it may be one of the most effective trout lures on the market the Dr Minnow Joint doesn’t just have eyes for trout and is just as effective tempting bream, estuary perch, redfin, jungle perch and bass.

Compact in size and a high-density design delivers long cast performance in a small lure package. The square shaped bib produces an erratic action when wound slowly and is ideally suited to still or slow flowing water.  The jointed body section generates an erratic wiggling action that will appeal to many and will be eaten by plenty.


  • Made In Japan
  • Jointed
  • Floating
  • Chemically Sharpened Hooks

Type: Floating
Length: 50mm
Weight: 2.8 gm
Depth:1 m