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Daiwa Double Clutch IZM 115SP-G DA-110 Black Red Suji

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The Daiwa Double Clutch has been a staple across light-tackle anglers for many years now.   Renowned for its incredible darting action, Daiwa Double Clutch has the reputation of a must have lure in the tackle box.
Now, it’s time for everyone to experience the action and fish-catching ability of Double Clutch, with the introduction of the brand new 115mm size, designed & pro- duced specifically for Australias barramundi as well as other species such as mulloway.

There’s no doubt the demands of Barramundi anglers ask a lot of the tackle they use, with many lures on the market falling short of the durability required to be a go-to lure for northern anglers.  That’s why when making the Daiwa Double Clutch 115, Dai- wa engineers started from scratch, and focused on producing a lure which could emulate the action of the smaller Double Clutch series but incorporate a solid strong through-wire system.


  • Suspending
  • Through Wire Construction
  • Length: 115mm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Depth: 2.5m