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    • Realistic fluffy arms and legs for an outstanding Action!
    • Realistic body and natural shine with a sense of life.
    • “PINK” for Daytime
      Proven purple spots on a pink body with UV purple coloration. It is outstandingly effective during the daytime.
    • When swimming, the "shrimp hands" tremble to create a wave motion, appealing to squid with realistic movements.
    • Size - 3.5
    • Weight- 20.5g
    • Sink Rate - 3.5 sec / Min
    • When falling, it stabilizes its sinking posture like a bird's feather, and when it is stopped by a fluffy lure during action, it spreads out and drifts like a shrimp's legs.
    • Green lamé with low appeal is used to reproduce realistic "shrimp eyes".
    • This round shaped hook reduces snag and won't let squid escape easily once it gets hooked.