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Halco Night Walker Surface Crawler H91 Silver Shadow

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The Halco Nightstalker Popper Lure is a hard-plastic, unique ‘walking’ lure which mimics the walk/crawl of a frog, mouse or baby turtle along the surface of the water.
When retrieved correctly, a popping sound will be made attracting fish from far away.
Primarily used for night fishing, the Nightstalker has a glow in the dark bib and distinct rattle that makes for exciting fishing.
The lure's weighting allows for good distance and accuracy when casting, and is best used on calm, flat water.
This lure is perfect for the keen fisherman who wants to get out after dark and catch some big, fresh water fish.
A great addition to any tackle box, this lure will keep you up all night catching everyone else’s fish.
Tough and durable, this fantastic popper will last you for many years to come, and be your secret weapon against stubborn fish.