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Duel Lens Q 3.0 Squid Jig A1781-GKCM 1AB

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DUEL presents the first squid jig in Eging history, with transparent cloth technology.

A company with the vast experience of DUEL in the field of Eging has to try new things and this is one of them. An excellent effect for attracting squids. DUEL calls it "Lens Invisi-Cloth” and is an international patent.

The Lens Q squid jigs, produce a natural reflection effect, At the same time the outer surface includes a treatment that does not allow the Squid’s tentacles to slip away.

he reflected light from the inner sheet, transforms through the lens into a natural light, with a sense of life and invites squid.

Aurora Sheet - It reflects a pinkish light when light passes through it, and a greenish life-like light when light reflects off of it.

Gold Sheet - It diffuses light through the lens of the body.

Marble Sheet - The colour changes depending on the angle of the lens. Attracts squid with various colours.

Silver Sheet - While reflecting, it assimilates into the surrounding colours and attracts like the shine of a small fish.

The Green dot under the tail indicates that the particular jig produces a Green glowing effect, while the Blue dot produces a UV glowing effect.