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Berkley Spin Rocket 110 Hard Bait Lure Black Chrome

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110mm Berkley Spin Rocket Topwater Lure

The Berkley Spin Rocket Lures deliver a new level of excitement for top water fishing. Designed to mimic the action of a wounded bait fish, hungry predators smash the Spin Rocket with such power you can expect some special areal hook-ups.

The props on either end of the lure are constructed from plastic. This has allowed for a unique cupping of the blade that generates the splash and spray that is so attractive to your hungry target. The blades turn so freely you will see them turn in the breeze.

The Berkley Spin Rocket Lure is well suited to clear, shallow water on calm days. They are effective inshore and offshore, delivering deadly results on the likes of Salmon, Tailor, Bonito, cod and more but they are a special for chasing Fingermark and mangrove jacks in the north.

They are simple to use. A determined straight retrieve is all it take to achieve peak action, noise and spray. Aggressive twitching is another method that delivers fantastic results. Hook-ups are secure, thanks to the three razor sharp Berkley Fusion19 hooks.

  • Cupped plastic propellers that spin at slower speeds
  • Enhanced propeller surface area for maximum spraying action
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion19 hooks